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If you are a Holistic Practitioner that's been spinning your wheels, feeling overwhelmed by your gifts, stuck in a loop or have been "floating in the ocean" for far too long, this is for you.

Maybe you've been on a purpose filled journey for a long time now. And although you've made it this far, you now find yourself at a standstill.

Are you ready to get some traction???

This is your invite to make that change in this group coaching course "Sacred Pull - The Keys of Metatron".

In this course I will share my story of how Metatron came to me in a vision 13 years ago and revealed to me the construct of the universe. How all things can be represented in ones and zeros, circles and lines. More specifically, how all things are in phase of a cycle or another (circles / zero's) and how all things are in relationship with something else (lines / ones).
But best most importantly, he left instructions on how to navigate this maze!

As above, so below.

Our physical and non-physical reality are merely mirrors of one another in different natures.
Since patterns exist in physical reality that implies they exist in non-physical reality as well. Non-physical referring to our thoughts, emotions, personalities, astrology signs, human design patterns, karma, recurring life challenges and past lives.
In this course we wil literally be cracking the code to reality, both inner and outer.

We are finding all the keys and unlocking all the doors, and when we do, the push... becomes a pull.
Sit with this, and listen to what your heart has to say about it. If you're 1000% sure you're ready to dive into this with us, I invite you to listen to it.🔥

Many Blessings, Shaman Zo 🙏❤️🙏

Tier 1: Self-Guided (No limit seating)
Tier 2: Group Coaching (This Course / 10 open spots)
Tier 2: Private One-on-One coaching (3 Open Spots)


- Our first online group lesson begins Monday night July 31 at 7 pm with a group orientation.
- Weekly group sessions continue every Monday night at 7pm.
- All are recorded if you miss them, and links will be readily available.


Your Course Includes
- Orientation and Online Group Coaching
- 5+ Informational Videos plus bonus content.
- 20 Page PDF Guidebook (Digital or Hardcopy shipped available).
- Access to the Key of Metatron Private FB group for group connection.
- One-on-One session with Shaman Zo to clarify and enhance your journey.
- One month's Access to group coaching ($22 / mo.) if you want to continue with the group.
- Lots of Bonus content!

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