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mixed Metaphysics


A healthy way to express and shift our energy

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No matter how you operate everyone is familiar with being in a space of overwhelm at one time or another. Life has a way of finding new ways to challenge and stretch us. Sometimes the challenges are fun and exciting, other times they can be stressful, painful or dark. We don't always have a simple way to regain clarity and/or inner peace however Soul Root Alchemy is a tool / method designed to do just that, and it does so following an organic process. It also doubles as an amazing journaling tool to assist you in recording and tracking your personal progress!

Simple Steps...

- Identify the Issue
- Purge Negative Emotions
- Turning Point
- Create a space from Love
- Attract or Create within that space
- Journal it 

How it Works...

- Soul Root gives us something new to focus our attention on. What we focus on expands.

- Provides the User with a template to follow during times of stress when planning or problem solving is at its least efficient

- Gets us "out of our head" and back into our heart

- Follows an honest organic process

Applies to...

- Relationship with yourself

- Relationships with Family

- Relationships with Romantic Partner
- Relationships with Business Associates


Whether it's something from the past that needs to be reconciled, or your looking to find peace and clarity in the present, or you want to set yourself up for success for something upcoming, learning to apply this tool can work for you. 

How did Soul Root Alchemy come about?

It was 2009 during the housing crash. I found myself was in a very dark place post-divorce, lost a business of 10 years, still mourning the loss of my son, recently sober and sleeping on my friends couch. I had to have business meetings at local coffee shops and take cabs to visit my 7 year old on the nights I had him. I could always make others smile and laugh, but not myself.


I realized my internal dialogue was not working for me at the time so I set out on a mission to change it. I knew it was a product of my childhood and subconscious mind.


I learned to honor where I was, but also reframe it and shift my energy around it. I also learned that my mind was part of the thing generating problems that weren't even there, and ignoring the actual challenges I needed to focus on so through journaling I learned to get the challenges (portals of self-discovery) out of my mind and onto paper where they became more manageable.


I started with positive affirmations but then it blossomed into so much more.


Over the years I could see myself learning and shifting and eventually it became a new way of being. Emotional awareness / alchemy is very important tool to healing the past, shifting the present and shaping our future!

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